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Daily Announcements

After receiving the alert that we sent yesterday, some of our Catholic Action Network members experienced a computer glitch when trying to message their elected officials regarding the Education Tax Credit. We apologize for the trouble that this problem caused some of you, and we have been assured it has now been corrected. If you tried unsuccessfully yesterday or earlier today to send the message (or if you haven't yet tried), please click the Take Action Now button below. It takes less than one minute. If you have already sent a message, thank you!

God bless you for your efforts to make Catholic education available to more families in the Empire State.

Take Action Now!

Thank you to all of our students that participated in our SSCM Gymnastics Assembly!  What a great show!  And thank you to Mrs. Maynes for all of her hard work preparing the students for their performances!

Tomorrow's Hope Applications are here!  The application is available in English and in Spanish and is due by no later than April 20, 2015.

You must DOWNLOAD this PDF and save it to your computer before filling it out. To properly complete the form and ensure the information is recorded correctly, you must open it within Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. (  DO NOT “view” the PDF and attempt to complete it in your browser. This will result in an unusable PDF and/or improperly recorded information.”

Families will mail the form with their income documents and application fee to the following address: 

Private School Aid Service
P.O. Box 89434
Cleveland, OH 44101-6434

Questions of the Week

1.What is the birthstone for April?

2. What luxury liner hit an iceberg on April 14th?

3. What fast food franchise opened on April 15, 1955?

Answers to last week's questions:

1. Aries

2. Taurus

3. Scrabble

Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 18
Spring Fundraiser

Spring Auction

Monday, April 20
4th grade at Mass
Mrs. Wiepert
Tuesday, April 21
5th grade at Mass
Mrs. Congro
Band Lessons
Wednesday, April 22
8th grade at Mass
NYS Math Testing
Violin Lessons

Prayer for the Month

God, our Creator

You have given us the earth,
the sky and the seas.
Show us the way to care for the earth,
not just for today but for ages to come.
Let no plan or work of ours damage
or destroy the beauty of your creation.
Send forth your spirit to direct us,
to care for the earth and all creation.


Save the Date

Apr. 18th Spring Auction

Jun. 4th, Msgr. Thaddeus Rooney Memorial Golf Outing - click here for more information