Pre-K - Mrs.Storms & Mrs. Cottone

​Welcome to the wonderful world of Pre-K!
Teachers: Mrs. R. Storms   Mrs. K. Fisher 

Special Teachers:
Mon. Art- Mr. Montella
Tues. Music- Ms. Burtoff
Wed. Library- Mr. Senatore
Thurs. Gym- Miss Colleen O'Neill (wear sneakers)
Fri. Library - Mr. Senatore

Welcome to our amazing Pre-K!  Our Pre-K door is between the statues of St. Cyril and Methodious. 
Mon. 3/18  After singing the ABC song, we will review the sound and formations of letter Ss this week.  We will learn how to write Ss in our Handwriting Book today.  We will go to Art. 
Tues. 3/19  8:30 School Mass.  We will attend mass with our church buddies.  Parents are welcome.  We will work in our S booklet.  S is for smile, snake, sun and Spring!  We will enjoy Music today.  
Wed.3/20  No School   Teacher Conference Day. 
Thurs. 3/21   We will discuss our Lenten calendar and continue the Lenten path with Jesus.    We will try to do our acts of kindness during Lent at home and at school.  We will try to be like Jesus. Hello Spring! Remember your sneakers for Gym today. 
Fri. 3/22  We will learn about animals getting ready for Spring in our  Weekly Reader.  We will visit the Primary Library.

This will be such a special year learning and growing together.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!