8th Grade: American History ASSIGNMENTS
Trimester III Assignments

 We will be busy this last  Trimester:
1. You are asked to use STANDARD size OAKTAG, white or light in color for your POSTER.( DO NOT PURCHASE THE TRI-FOLD SCIENCE BOARD ) 
2. You must include a Bibliography page attached to the back of the Poster 
3. Select  O N E .of the following options:
A. A person of the 20th Century   OR    B. An event of the 20th or 21st Century
4. A: Provide biographical information, important dates, education, occupations held, family /relatives, contributions made both positive and negative impacts, has the world changed socially, culturally, economically or politically by this person ?
5. B: Was this event a positive or a negative impact on the world : economically. politically, or socially? Provide the causes and effects of this event .
 You can always use   Who, What, When , Where, Why and How to guide you  in your presentation.

The following are only suggestions or ideas to get you started, if you select something else PLEASE inform me to insure it is acceptable and within the framework.

Sigmund Freud; Mahatma Gandhi; Valdimir  Lenin; Albert Einstein; Sir Alexander Fleming; Pablo Picasso; Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Adolf Hitler; Mao tse-tung;
Mother Theresa; James Watson & Francis Crick. Martin Luther King Jr.; The Beatles; Muhamad Ali; Steven Spielberg;  Bill Gates; Walt Disney;

Birth of Aviation; Titanic; Assembly Line; W.W.I; Women get the Vote; Stock Market Crash; Pearl Harbor; D-Day; Atomic Bomb; Cuban Missile Crisis; 
Assassination of John F.Kennedy;  Vietnam War Protesters; Man on the Moon; Woodstock;  Personal Computers; Berlin Wall comes down; Facebook /Twitter; 
911; Climate Change/ Global Warming; .

Due: May 20, 2019


The class has received a  MAP page  to complete,  BOTH sides are to be done completely, all answers should be clearly written and the MAP should be colored in  crayon or colored pencil as the directions indicate .

Due: May 10, 2019