7th Grade: American History ASSIGNMENTS
 We will be busy this last Trimester:
1. You are asked to use STANDARD size OAKTAG, white or light in color.( DO NOT use the tri-fold science board).

2. You must include a Bibliography page attached to the back of the poster. MINIMUM of three different and reliable sources. Captions should be typed or printed clearly.
3. Presidents Poster: #2 --#15
NOTE: you may not select George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.
4. You may set up your poster like a "Facebook " page format if you like.
5. You may and are encouraged to include pictures, maps, graphs, charts or any other related visual material to support your FACTUAL data on your president.
6. Information may include but is not limited to all background : dates, family history, education, occupations prior to and after the office of President, political views, military service, residences ( other than the White House) and their most significant contribution.
8. Your list: must be one of the following:
John Adams; Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson, Martin van Buren,  William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K. Polk,   Zachary  Taylor;  Millard Fillmore;  Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan.
Any questions PLEASE ask. 
Due: May 20,2019


The class has received a MAP page to complete. Please note that BOTH sides are to be done, the answers should be clearly written and the MAP  colored according to the directions given, ( crayon or colored pencils NO MARKERS ).

Due: May 10, 2019