6th Grade: World History ASSIGNMENTS

Trimester III Assignments:

We will be busy this last Trimester:

1. You are asked to use STANDARD size OAKTAG., white or light in color. DO not purchase the tri-fold science board.
2. You are asked to select one country or civilization that you are interested in learning MORE about.
3. Your poster should have information on the political ,social and economic developments or contributions as well as facts from the following suggestions:
A. a time line of events and /or important people.
B. Geographical data: rivers, mountains, deserts, boundaries etc.
C. Natural resources: fertile farmland, minerals , forests etc.
D. Government: leaders or rulers and type of government.
E. Architecture, building, roads etc. 
F. Culture: art, music, literature etc.
G. Religions, customs, festivals etc. 
H. Social structure: educational system or limitations,  status of women etc.
( these are suggestions you are free to add other information )
4. You may use your text to help you select an area or country BUT it is NOT your only source  you need a minimum of three different sources for your Bibliography which must be included on a separate typed page attached to the back of your poster.

Due: May 20, 2019


The class has received a MAP page to complete. Please note that BOTH sides need to be done. All answers should be clearly written, and the MAP colored in crayon or colored pencils only.no markers.  PLEASE follow the directions carefully.

Due: May 10, 2019