6th Grade ELA
​​See "Useful links" for important 6th grade information:
Monthly Book Due Dates, Book Report Procedures, Written Book Report Guidelines, and Newbery Author List to choose books from.

Website: arbookfind.com or arbookfinder.com - useful to check the reading level of a book a student may want to read.

DEAR Time = Drop Everything and Read -
last 15 minutes of each school day, as well as ELA class time on Fridays and whenever a child finishes his/her work.

Reminder: November books must be finished by Nov. 30. 

12/14 Read aloud from "The BFG"
NYS ELA Test practice - We reviewed the advantages of life on a boat from the article "Home Afloat" and then chose 2 examples to complete the first half of the graphic organizer. 
Then we highlighted the disadvantages of living on a boat and added those to the graphic organizer.
Listening Skills: "Plant Art"

12/13 Proofreading/editing practice.
Annabelle shared the story of a movie she saw last night about a dog who paints and one of the dog's actual paintings.
Read aloud the Christmas tale "The Mole Family's Christmas" and made several connections to the story we read about "Herkimer, the Magic Christmas Bird."

12/12 Read aloud the rhyming story "The Year Santa Forgot He Was He" and the children called out the rhymes if they knew them.
Finished the sentence/fragment paper started yesterday and then corrected it.

12/11 Short class - music practice for school mass next Tuesday
Read aloud the Christmas story: "Herkimer: The Magic Christmas Bird" and tried to figure out the moral of the story.
Began working on sentences/fragments until we were called down to practice.
We will finish it tomorrow.

12/10 Proofreading/editing practice
Read aloud a rhyming poem/story: "How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas".
I paused at each rhyme and let the children call out the word we needed.
NYS ELA practice: "Home Afloat" about a 15 year old girl and her family who lived on a boat.
We read the story twice - once alone and once out loud together.
We read the task: to identify the advantages and disadvantages of living on a boat. We then highlighted all the advantages we could locate in pink. To be continued.

12/7 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Reviewed sentence fragments - corrected sentence/fragment  assignment from Wed.
Corrected vocabulary HW from yesterday.
Listening Skills: "Champion for Freedom: The Story of Harriet Tubman"
November book report was due today.
December book must be finished by January 2.

12/6 We took the STAR computer test to determine our latest reading levels.
Worked on the Acrostic Poems based on our names.
Vocabulary: Inferring the Identity of a Speaker from the Context - finish for HW.

Read aloud from "The BFG"
Proofread essays about a favorite holiday.
Grammar: Sentences and fragments - finish for HW.

12/4 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Copied our essays on "My Favorite Holiday" into our writers' notebooks.
Finish for HW.

12/3 Editing/proofreading practice
We celebrated Owen's birthday.
Computer room: We typed our Acrostic Poems using our names.

1/30 Corrected HW - Vocabulary: Classifying Ideas 
Corrected Simile/Metaphor paper from yesterday.
Cleaned out our lockers to try and find the bottoms!
Took the AR Tests for our November books.
The book reports are due December. 7th.

11/29 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Introduced Metaphors - definition, examples, posters illustrating the concept.
Assignment: "Simile-Metaphor" - we will correct it tomorrow
Continued work on Vocabulary: Classifying Ideas 
Finish for HW.

11/28 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Corrected HW: turning fragments into sentences
Peer-edited essays on "My Favorite Holiday"
Vocabulary: Classifying Ideas - to be finished tomorrow.

Read aloud from "The BFG"
Children read aloud their essays "My Favorite Holiday"
Reviewed sentences and fragments.
Worksheet: Identify each word group as a sentence or fragment.
Rewrite 4 of the fragments on the back as complete sentences.
Finish for HW.

11/26 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Writing: "My Favorite Holiday" - brainstormed ideas with child's table.
Began writing 3 paragraph personal essay.
Finish for HW. 

11/22 -11/23


11/21 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Collected Thanksgiving crossword HW.
Read aloud poem "The Rhyming King" and the children called out the rhymes at the end of each line.
They had to figure out the "lesson" of the poem: there is no word that rhymes with orange.

11/20 Started a new read-aloud book "The BFG" by Roald Dahl.
Returned AR Tests on "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Thanksgiving crossword puzzle. Finish for HW.

11/19 Editing/proofreading practice
Corrected vocabulary from Friday: Using the Context to Identify Objects
Corrected Simile Review from Thursday.
Completed the bottom of that paper: writing original similes.

11/16 Computer room: We took the 2 AR tests on "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Vocabulary: Using the Context to Identify Objects - finish for HW.

11/15 We cleaned out the insides of our desks.
Finished "George's Marvelous Medicine"
We will take the AR tests tomorrow.
Reviewed Similes and why they are used by writers.
Looked at two posters where a photographer took pictures to illustrate two similes.
Assignment: Simile Review

11/14 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Read aloud one "Getting Lost" essay with the class to serve as a model paper.
Read NYS ELA article "Penguins Are Funny Birds" aloud.
Children had to locate and underline the answers to #16, 17, 18, 20 and 21 in the article. Finish for HW.
DEAR Time.
Reminder: November books must be finished by Nov. 30. 

11/13 Editing/proofreading practice
Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Proofread essays: "Getting Lost"
NYS ELA Test Prep: "Penguins Are Funny Birds" - read article twice.
Answer multiple choice questions. 
Finish for HW.

11/12 No school - Veterans' Day

11/9 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Listening Skills: "An Amusing Story"
Corrected sentence/fragment homework.
Finished copying stories "Getting Lost" in our writers' notebooks.
HW if still not done.

11/8 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine" 
Continued work on sentences and fragments. Finish the worksheet for HW if not done.
We began to copy our stories "Getting Lost" into our writers' notebooks.
We will finish this tomorrow.

11/7 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine" 
Corrected sentence/fragment worksheet we did yesterday.
Children peer-edited each other's stories about "Getting Lost"
DEAR Time for those who finished.

11/6 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine" 
Several children read aloud their personal essays on "Getting Lost"
Introduced the definitions of sentences and sentence fragments.
Worksheet: Identifying sentences and sentence fragments
Finish for HW.

11/5 Proofreading/editing practice
Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine" 
Collected HW: Acrostic Poems
Writing: at least 3 paragraphs about a time you or someone you knew got lost.
Finish for HW.

11/2 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Listening skills: "What's in a Name?" about a class writing acrostic poetry using their first names.
Children began an acrostic poem using their own first name. Finish for HW.
Words chosen must be true and important.

11/1 No school: Feast of All Saints

10/31 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Returned AR quizzes on "The Twits"
Discussed the Latin prefix SUB and its meaning.
Assignment: "Sub Power" - finish for HW.
AR Tests on October books had to be taken by today.
Book reports are due November 7th.

10/30 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Corrected reading packet "Song of the Sea"
Vocabulary: Pumpkin crossword puzzle. Finish for HW.

10/29 Proofreading/editing practice
Started new read-aloud book, "George's Marvelous Medicine" by Roald Dahl.
Corrected vocab. HW: words that indicate location.
NYS ELA practice for the test in April: reading comprehension. We read the article "Songs of the Sea" and the children had to look for the answers to the multiple choice questions and answer them. They also had to locate the answers to #6,7 and 11 in the article and underline them and label them.

10/26 No school - Diocesan Teachers' Conference Day for staff

10/25 Computer room - we took the 3 AR tests on the book we just finished listening to, "The Twits" by Roald Dahl.
Vocabulary: words that identify the location of an object. Finish for HW.

10/24 IOWA Tests - Computation - THE LAST TEST!!!

10/23 IOWA Tests - Punctuation
Read aloud from "The Twits"
Proofread "All About Me" and turned in notebooks.
Corrected Object/Function worksheets

10/22 Proofreading/editing practice
IOWA Tests - no regular class

10/19 Read aloud from "The Twits"
Listening skills practice: "Teamwork Is Key" about dogsled races in Alaska.
Handwriting practice.
Vocabulary: Object/Function - finish for HW.

10/18 IOWA Tests - no regular class

10/17 Read aloud from "The Twits"
Corrected vocabulary HW: Classifying Ideas
Continued our work on rhymes: "Rhyming Rainbow" crossword puzzle.
Finish for HW.

10/16 Shorter class due to Math IOWAS running over.
Children finished copying their "All About Me" into their writers' notebooks. 
If not done, finish for HW.
Vocabulary crossword: Classifying Ideas - finish for HW.

10/15 Editing/proofreading practice
Read aloud from "The Twits"
Reviewed "Example and Class" (see 10/12) and then corrected the HW reinforcing the concept.
Began to copy our "All About Me" into our writers' notebooks.

10/12 We celebrated Morgan's birthday.
Read aloud from "The Twits"
Listening Skills: "Special Eyes" about the training of guide dogs
Example and class - discussed and then worked on an activity to reinforce the concepts.
Finish for HW.

10/11 Read aloud from "The Twits"
Handwriting practice
Following Directions - Visualization worksheet
Finish all above work for HW.

10/10 Read aloud from "The Twits"
Returned the 3 AR tests from the book "Fantastic Mr. Fox": Reading, Vocabulary and Literacy Skills.
We finally finished our "Senseless Sentences" worksheets.
Peer-edited our writing assignments: "All About Me"

10/9 Editing/proofreading practice
Read aloud from "The Twits"
Did a practice Literacy Skills test from the book "Fantastic Mr. Fox" to practice the kinds of question that are included in those tests.
Worked on our "Senseless Sentences" worksheet.

10/8 No School

10/5 Read aloud from "The Twits" by Roald Dahl.
Celebrated Mia's birthday.
Listening skills: "Deep Sleep"
Collected all book reports.
October book must be finished by Oct. 31

0/4 Started a new read-aloud book "The Twits" by Roald Dahl.
Read some our "All About Me" writing assignments aloud to the class.
Corrected vocab. HW - Classifying Ideas

10/3 Computer Room - we took the 3 AR Tests on "Fantastic Mr. Fox": Reading, Vocabulary, Literacy Skills.
Vocabulary: Classifying Ideas crossword - finish for HW.

10/2 Reviewed the rules for written book reports.
Began our first writing assignment: "All About Me" - a list of 10 facts about you.
Finish for HW.
Tomorrow we will take the AR Tests on "Fantastic Mr. Fox."

10/1 Proofreading/editing practice
Read aloud from "Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Short class - we went to the funeral of Sister Susan's mother.

9/28 Read aloud from "Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Listening skills: "Antlers"
We tooth AR Tests on our Sept. books. These had to be taken by today.
Book reports are due October 5th.
Practiced handwriting. Finish for HW.
DEAR Time.

9/27 We went over the guidelines for written book reports and filed a copy in our reading folders. There is also a copy on this website under "Useful Links and Forms."
These guidelines must be checked CAREFULLY before and after writing each book report.
Sept. books must be finished by tomorrow and the book report is due on or before October 5.
Worked on vocab. worksheet started yesterday. Finish for HW.

9/26 Computer room: the children used the website ARbookfind.com to look up 10 novels listed and find the author, reading level, interest level and points for passing the test.
Reading skills: Developing Precise Vocabulary

9/25 Read aloud from "Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Corrected vocab. HW - Forming Compound Words
Grammar: writing complete sentences by unscrambling groups of mixed up words.

9/24 Proofreading/editing practice
We celebrated Johnathan's birthday.
Read aloud from "Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Reviewed book report procedures because first book must be finished by Friday.
Vocabulary: Compound words - finish crossword for HW.

9/21 We changed seats today.
Read aloud from "Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Listening skills: "A New Home"
Corrected simile HW.
STAR Reading scores will be sent home Monday.

9/20 Collected writers' notebooks due today.
Read aloud from "Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Continued work on assignment "Figuratively Speaking" started last week: creating original similes. Finish for HW.

9/19 Computer room: We took the STAR Reading placement test to determine our reading range for Trimester 1. The scores will be sent home by Monday. Please keep them in a safe place so your children can refer to them and send in the tear off on the top sheet. Thank you.
COVERED NOTEBOOKS ARE DUE TOMORROW. See printout of directions I gave the children.

9/18 Read aloud from "Fantastic Mr. Fox" by Roald Dahl.
Corrected vocabulary HW: Classifying Ideas
Reviewed Book Report Guidelines and filed this copy in our TAKE HOME folders. 
Writing skills: Unscrambling seemingly random groups of words to form grammatical sentences.

9/17 Editing/proofreading practice
Started our first read-aloud book: "Fantastic Mr. Fox" by Roald Dahl.
Went over the Book Report Procedures step by step. We filed a copy in our blue reading folders and they are also available in the Useful Links and Forms section of this page. We will also put a copy in our "Take Home" folder.

9/14 Listening Skills: the children were read a short essay and had to pay attention to the details. I asked them a series of factual questions so they can practice remembering what they hear. 
We will practice Listening Skills most Fridays.
Vocabulary: "Classifying Ideas" crossword puzzle. Finish for HW.
DEAR Time.

9/13 Introduced Figurative Language/Figures of Speech - devices used by writers to make their writing interesting, alive and colorful. The first example we will study is Simile. Gave the children a definition and several examples, such as red as a rose. We did the top half of a worksheet, Figuratively Speaking, where we completed well known similes.
Please return the bottom section of the handout from Open House last night. If you were not here, I gave your child a copy today. Please keep it and refer to it all year. Thank you.

9/12 Returned the summer reading AR tests and filed them in our reading folders.
Discussed RHYME and how some words that look almost the same don't rhyme (home and come) and some words that have no letters in common do rhyme (flew and through)
Completed assignment "Rhyming Words" together.
"Rhyming Crossword" - finish for HW.

9/11 Short class due to Band Assembly.
Signed up the rest of the September books.
Explained to the children about the extra credit star cards and how they can earn stars: finding written mistakes and solving Pundles (word puzzles.)
Gave them lots of examples of Pundles we have used last year and they tried to guess the answers.
DEAR Time.

9/10 We signed up the children's September books which were due in school today. The children must bring them every day until they are finished. They must be finished by September 28th.******
We corrected the reading skills homework from Friday.
DEAR Time - see above.

9/7 Discussed the writers' notebooks we will create by covering a marble notebook with pictures. I gave the children directions for covering them. They are due September 20th. 
Continued work on the reading skills assignments from yesterday. Finish for HW if not done.

9/6 Computer Room: We took the AR tests on the Summer Reading books. Those grades will be sent home next week.

Reading skills paper: Using the Context to determine the location of the speaker and the identity of the speaker.
Finish for HW.

9/5 Gave out "Reading" folders that will remain in school unless the children are working on a book report. 
Put a list of book due dates (the last school day of each month) in the folders.
Gave the children 2 lists of Newbery authors: one for the Reading folder and one for the HOME folder.
Showed the children how to access my website and quizzed them on what was on the website last night. About 5 children had checked. It was HW to look.
By Monday, each child must have his/her Sept. book to sign up. See yesterday for more specifics.

Welcome to the first day of school!
Gave out name plates.
Gave out schedules and reviewed.
Gave out lunch order forms.
Reviewed supply lists and collected supplies.
Discussed procedures for when a class is missed due to band, illness, etc:
1. Check my website
2. Check with a buddy
3. Check with the teacher as soon as you return to class
Discussed the summer reading; forms will be collected tomorrow.
AR tests on the summer books will be taken this week.
Discussed book report schedule. First book must be finished by September 28th.
It must be by a Newbery winning author or a classic. Children may continue to read the "Series of Unfortunate Events" or Harry Potter books.
Children must have a note for any incomplete homework.