Thoughts from Teacher

A Message to Parents/Guardians

From: Mrs. Congro


As this school year begins,

Let us come together to create a wonderful school year.

Parents and teachers join as one

To create an educated daughter or son. 

It takes lots of love, caring and understanding

But, an individual will emerge who is more knowledge than before. 

We will work together to help the child bloom

So he/she can grow and prosper as learning takes place in my room. 

So I share this little message with you as I say

I am committed to helping your child grow each and every day.

Yes, the road is long, but the journey’s begun

As we strive to educate your daughter or your son.

Dear Parents/Guardians of the 5
th grade,

     I hope your child came home today excited to start a new school year here at SSCM.  Please be aware that tomorrow, 9/5 is early dismissal-12pm, Thursday, 9/6 is a full day and Friday, 9/7 is early dismissal-12pm.  Our After Care program will begin on Monday, September 10th.  If you are interested in seeking after care for your child, please call the main office.  Please mark your calendars: I look forward to meeting you at our “Back to School Night” for parents/guardians on Wednesday, September 12th at 7pm. 

     Now, I would like to provide you with some helpful information about our class routine, which will help with preparation for school:

Silent Reading:  Right before dismissal, the whole school will be reading for 15 minutes.  Students need to make sure they have a silent reading book or reading material every day.  This will begin on Thursday.  This is a set time in your child’s learning schedule to relax with a good book.  Bathroom breaks and water breaks will not be taken place during this time. 

Snack:  We will have snack in the morning.  Some days the students will have the opportunity to socialize, but most days we will have a working snack as we go over our homework.  Please provide your child with one snack and a drink ( no glass bottles or soda) per day including when we have early dismissal.  No snack that consists of peanuts butter or tree nuts are allowed in our classroom.  There are students with allergies in our classroom.  Please check food labels before sending any snacks/foods in.  Students are allowed to keep a reusable water bottle on their desk throughout the year. If this becomes a problem or a distraction, I will ask the student to not bring in it.

Lunch time is from 12:00-1:00.  The 5th grade eats first for ½ hour and then has recess time for ½ hour.  Please provide a lunch every day except on 12:00 dismissal days.  Our lunch program will begin soon and the September lunch menu order will be sent home.  Please be mindful of the due dates of the lunch order/payment throughout the school year.

Schedule of Specials:

Mondays: computer, gym

Tuesdays: Band day, music, and language lab

Wednesdays: library/Latin  and language lab

Thursdays: double art period

Fridays: gym, library/Latin

  • On gym days, please be sure that your child wears the school gym uniform and comfortable sneakers.NO jewelry is to be worn on these days for safety reasons.Any questions or concerns, please contact the gym teacher by calling the Main Office 631-667-6229 to leave a message or by email.
  • Please make sure your child has the required supplies needed for all special classes ASAP.


Common Core Curriculum-ELA

The Common Core State Standards is a set of standards defining the knowledge and skills that students from Pre-K to 12th grade need to master each year to be prepared for the next grade and ultimately college and their career. 

There are 6 shifts in ELA/Literacy that contain components necessary for students to master written and oral communication.  These areas are: reading, writing, speaking and listening, which includes teaching phonics, grammar, reading and comprehension strategies and writing fluency.


With the Common Core ELA Standards, science and social studies are taught through fiction and non-fiction text.  These standards also ensure students are being prepared to read, write and research across the curriculum, including in the areas of science and social studies. 

  • Students have begun to start thinking differently.Students are becoming better problem solvers.
  • Core Standards Movement includes the studying of a topic in depth for a long period of time to gain a better understanding. Units of study in the areas of science and social studies will incorporate all the major subject areas.
  • There is more “reading for information” about the world using non-fiction text along with reading fictional novels for pleasure.
  • Students are beginning to read more challenging material, which is helping increase academic vocabulary.


ELA/Literacy Shifts are:

  • 1-Read just as much nonfiction as fiction. Students should “NOT” be reading one type of genre in literacy.
  • 2-Learn about the world by reading topics in science and social studies.Learning how to read and understand primary source documents in social studies.
  • 3-Read more complex material carefully by re-reading text and having discussions about what is being read.
  • 4-Discuss reading using evidence to support a person’s argument or opinion.
  • 5-Writing from sources- students will not just write about themselves and their likes, but will pick out evidence from a non-fiction text that supports their argument/belief.
  • 6-Academic vocabulary- learning new vocabulary by reading, reading and reading so more.Using resources such as a dictionary when not understanding the meaning of a word.

I hope this information will help you understand the new way of learning that your child will experience in my classroom.


Dear Parents/Guardians of the 5th grade:

     I feel a successful classroom is one in which the teacher has a clear idea of what is expected from the students and the students have a clear idea of what the teacher expects from them.   I believe that students should be rewarded and recognized for appropriate behavior and given consequences for breaking the classroom/school rules.

     As a teacher, I want to manage my classroom not discipline it.  I believe that a well-managed classroom consists of a task-oriented and predictable environment where students know what is expected of them and how to succeed.  Once this is accomplished, there is little time wasted, and no confusion or disruption.  The climate of the classroom will be work-oriented, but relaxed and pleasant.

      It is extremely important to encourage an open line of communication between students, parents, and teacher throughout the year.  I feel that parents and teachers need to work together to help each child reach their fullest potential.  Telephone calls and emails are helpful for maintaining a good, clear relationship between us.

     In accordance with the 5th grade report card from the Diocese of Rockville Centre, your child’s assessment will be based upon the following rubric:

4- Students work demonstrates a thorough and consistent understanding of grade level standards and objectives.

3- Student work demonstrates an understanding of grade level standards and objectives.                                  

2- Student work demonstrates a partial understanding of grade level standards and objectives.                                    

1-Student work demonstrates minimal understanding of grade level standards and objectives.  

     This rubric represents the Diocese of Rockville Centre’s grading policy, which all Catholic elementary schools follow.

 In my classes:

  • Academic grading includes assessments, projects and written assignments. 
  • Effort grading includes homework, effort in classwork and class participation. 
  • Assessments(tests/quizzes) are scheduled one week in advance and no assessments are given on Mondays. 
  • No extra credit is provided because students are given study guide sheets one week before an assessment and review bees are given in class the day before an assessment. 
  • All students need to always take pride in their work.Staying organized is very important skill to master before entering Middle School.Points will be deducted off assessments, projects and written assignments if not completed neatly & handed in on time. 
  • Students will be rewarded by me once a month for completing all homework assignments.Students will be given a reward pass for completion of all homework/projects each month.These reward passes can be used as one point towards an assessment.Students can give up to three reward passes in any of my classes.
  • All assessments must be signed and returned the next school day. After a three day late period, I will call or email to make sure you are aware of the grade.Please check Parent Portal frequently for posting of grades. 
  • This is a reminder to please check your child’s homework book and folder each night to see what is due and the daily homework. I assign homework Monday through Thursday. This is my way of knowing that you are receiving all the notices.Your child’s homework folder is a line of communication between the school, you and myself and must be in school and brought home daily.My webpage lists important weekly information on curriculum, assessment dates and projects assigned.Daily homework can be located in your child’s homework book.

 This is a guide that you can refer back to during the course of the school year.  I have also included a copy of the 5th grade report card so you are familiar with it.  We will have an opportunity to meet in December to discuss your child’s progress for the first semester.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Dear Parents/Guardians:

     The word “homework” is a word that is disliked by most students, but it's an integral part of the educational process.  It serves several purposes such as provides opportunities to reinforce newly acquired skills, prepares students for class participation and helps develop time management and organization skills. 

     Homework is important because it's an exercise for the students to develop responsibility and good study habits.  These are skills that are essential to students being successful in school.  Homework is about learning to make choices about when to do homework, where to do homework and when homework is due. 

    To help your child begin good organizational skills, I have provided him/her with a red folder to bring home daily and will include homework and notices.  Your child also has a homework notebook to use to record homework assignments and projects.  I encourage you to check your chid’s red folder and homework book nightly.  Parents support of homework is an extremely important factor towards building positive attitudes towards school and learning successful study habits.  

      I feel that your child’s homework book and red folder will help keep your child organized and help homework time run smoothly. 


To: 5th grade parents/guardians:

From: Mrs. Congro 🍂🍁🍃

      I hope that your child has settled into their new school schedule well and a routine of completing homework and going to after school activities are established at home.  I want to inform you of three important things:

  • Please make sure a note is provided to me when your child has been absent from school.  If I do not receive a note, even if I know your child was sick, I have to mark the absent as illegal.  Also, if your child is going to be a walker, a note is needed.  The main office is very busy and when the secretaries have to take time to call parents it becomes a distraction.  
  • Your child is suppose to have a notebook to write homework done.  I always give the students, at least 10 minutes to pack up and write homework down.  I have found that some students are using loose leaf instead of a homework book.  Please speak to your child about learning how to be organized and writing down homework in a notebook helps them not forget and remain prepared for school. 
  • Lastly,  please make sure your child has all the supplies they need especially for art class and headphones with a microphone. 

Picture days are scheduled for Wednesday, 10/24  and Thursday, 10/25.  The 5th grade MUST wear their winter dress school uniform on both days.  This is a school decision made by Sister Susan. The order form that was sent home last week does not need to be in until 10/24.  

If you have any questions, please contact the Main Office.

Dear Parents:

     On the school supply list, I requested a particular dictionary and I have noticed that some students either does not have a dictionary or has a smaller version.  Please make sure your child has the below dictionary.  You can order it from Amazon or Barnes and Nobles.  Your child will definitely use this particular dictionary all throughout their educational years.  It’s worth the money.   Please make sure your child has the dictionary I requested by next week. Thank you for your cooperation. 


The 5th grade students 

will be celebrating 

a School Mass 


Tuesday, October 23rd 

at 8:30am.

All parents/guardians and grandparents 

are invited to celebrate the Eucharist

with us.

IOWAS begin starting the week of October 15th and will take place for two weeks. Please make sure your child is fully rested and has eaten breakfast before coming to school. Each child will need a #2 pencil and a silent reading book. IOWAS will last for two periods a day.  These assessments are helpful tools for you and I to see where your child's strengthens and weaknesses are in reading, grammar and math.  Any questions, please feel free to contact me

October 2018

Dear Parents of the 5th grade:

      As Halloween 🎃 is approaching, there are a few safety decisions that have been made to make sure all students have a wonderful and safe celebration on the 31st.  I will be discussing these safety issues with the class and I ask that you do the same so the students are aware that we, teachers and parents are working together. 

     On Halloween, 10/31, each student may wear a costume to school as long as they are able to learn and complete their school work in the morning.  Please make sure the costume is APPROPRIATE for a school setting.  Please REFRAIN from masks and weapons such as swords and guns.  Face paint and/or heavy make up may bother your child throughout the school day and is highly suggested NOT to be worn. Also, your child must be able to use the bathroom while wearing their costume. If you feel it’s best not to have your child wear a costume to school, he/she can wear Halloween color clothes such as orange, purple and black or their school uniform.

       The school will be celebrating Halloween 🎃 together after lunch in the cafeteria.  All grades will parade around the school (weather permitted) in their costume.  Parents/ grandparents are invited to view the parade.  After the parade, the grades will go to the cafeteria for a celebration that includes music with a DJ.  Each student will receive one small treat and one drink.  I need to have two parents who will be willing to attend the celebration and monitor the 5th grade table by making sure all the 5th graders received a treat and a drink.  If you are available that day and would like to help me, please let me know below.  I will randomly pick two parents from the names I receive and will let you know if you are picked. 

     Thank you in advance for your cooperation. The students should enjoy what is planned for this day.  Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Happy Halloween, 🎃👻☠️

Mrs. Congro 

I am able to help on Halloween in the afternoon.  


Contact number or email: _______________________________________

November 20, 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians of the Fifth Grade :

     On Friday, December 7th report card teacher conferences will be held between the hours of 3-7pmThere will be no scheduled appointments given.  If you wish to meet with me, it will be on a first come, first served basis.  Each conference will be 10 minutes in length where we will discuss your child’s academic and social performance during the first trimester.    

      If you would like to meet with Mrs. Hintz, she will be available during the time frame of 3-7pm as well, in her classroom. 


Mrs. Congro