Supplies needed:  Silent reading book.

**Every child must have a silent reading book with them in school daily. 

  • There is reading homework Monday through Thursday.
  • Students must have a silent reading book with them everyday.  Quiet reading will take place before dismissal. 
  • A monthly reading log will be given out each month.  Students are to read every night Monday- Thursday. The guidelines are for the students to read at home every night for 20 minutes.  Reading logs must be signed by a parent/guardian before handing it in.  If the student has read on each day indicated on the log, he/she will be given a "reward pass," which counts towards 1 point on an assessment (tests/quizzes) in my classes only.  April’s Reading Log will begin on Monday, 5/1.
  • I will be emphasizing "Close Reading" skills where students will be reminded how to anazlyze a passage, look for new vocabulary words and highlight important information. These skills were taught in 4th grade and we will continue to practice them to improve reading skills.
  • Students will take the STAR reading assessment in computer class a few times during the school year and all information will be sent home to parents/guardians.  The STAR assessment is a wonderful way to know the student's reading level and the areas of weaknesses if there are any.  Students will also have the chance during silent reading time to take quizzes on books they read during silent reading time.  If a student scores 80% or higher, the student will receive a "reward pass." Students will learn the correct novels to read in their reading range, which will be located in the back cover of their ELA notebook. Students took another STAR reading test and reading level information will be sent home the week of 4/8. 
  • Class Book Club: We will be reading three/four novels in class this year.  Students wil be given a copy of the novel and will experience listening to the audio version as they read along.  We finished reading Wonder.  We will be reading the bully’s side of the story, Julian after Easter break.  Students will be reminded that there are always making sides to a story and we all have good qualities in each of us.  
  • Each month, the students will be assigned a book report "theme" and a fun project/assignment to complete.  Once the students are aware of their reading level, finding a book will be easy. I need to approve all books before the students begin reading their book report choice. Students can read any book of their choice for now. 
  • The 3rd, 4th and 5th grades are now reading 📖 and learning together with a program called “Thinking Outside the Box.” Students are Reading/listening to an auto version of the novel, “Chasing Vermeer.” The grades will be mixed together into groups where they will be working on activities based on the novel in the areas of ELA, Math and Art.