Supplies needed: ELA marble notebook decorated, sturdy folder and highlights. 

This class will incorporate both reading and writing.  Students will be writing about different topics many times throughout each month.  Writing will be integrated into many of the subject areas such as science, social studies and religion. All writing assignments are graded and must be signed and returned. All writing assignment are given back to the student at the end of the school year. 

     Students will go through the writing process every time they are giving a writing topic: brainstorming, first draft, editing first draft with teacher, re-writing or typing edited work, publishing (which is graded).  Each student's published work will be displayed either inside our classroom or in the hallway. 

        Students will be learning new vocabulary words each week.  This words are also their spelling words.  Students will be working on grammar skills, which will help strengthen their writing skills. 

Grammar topic is Irregular verbs. 
  • Students published piece must be neat and grammar error free to be displayed. Over time, students first draft will be close to grammar error free.
  • Homework will be given in reading every night.  Students will be either be asked to complete a page from their reading workbook and complete it in their ELA notebook just designed for reading homework or a handout that consists of reading, vocabulary, and grammar skills. This type of homework will help strengthen a student's reading skills and will be given daily except on Fridays.
  • Vocabulary words will be the new spelling words. These words will be from our vocabulary workbook. Listed below is the spelling homework for the week that new words are provided:  Monday- write words five times each, Tuesdays- Pick seven words and write a detailed sentence for each word.  Wednesdays-  correct practice test if needed and get signed, Pick 6 words and create a story that makes sense, Thursday- study for assessment, Friday- assessment. We completed our whole vocabulary book.  The students should be proud that they have added over 200 words to their vocabulary. We will continue to work on improving our reading skills for the next two months.  We will be reading nonfiction and fiction passages and focusing on comprehension.