4th Grade- Mrs. Wiepert

October 2018

     The fourth grade students have been busy this October.  They created happy, cheerful, stuffed, paper bag Fall pumpkins.  They will be writing informative paragraphs outlining how they created their pumpkins. They will be including sequencing words such as first, then, after, next and finally in the writing of their paragraphs. 
     As part of their Science studies the students participated in a Rock Lab.  They brought in a variety of rocks to observe.  They looked at and drew pictures of their rocks both with and without the use of a hand lens.  The students identified the properties of the rocks.  Using a variety of sources the students worked on identifying their rocks and determined if the rocks were igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary rocks.
     The students continue to work on their Close Reading skills as part of their ELA studies.  Reading selections are read that connect to all areas of the curriculum.  The students then use various strategies such as reading the reading selection numerous times, hilighting important information, circling important dates and words, making connections to the material being read and asking questions about the reading selection. These strategies help strengthen the student's reading comprehension of the material being read.
     The students have been studying the geography of New York State.  They have learned about the landforms of New York, New York's natural wonders and the different regions of New York State.  There is always something interesting happening in Fourth grade!

 4th Grade News!

     Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  I am looking forward to a wonderful school year!  The students will begin their Religion studies talking about God's wonderful creation, our Earth.  They will talk about ways we can take care of the Earth and they will write prayers thanking God for this great gift, the Earth.
     In ELA this year the students will be doing narrative writing, informational writing and opinion writing.  Literature of different genres and connected to different areas of the curriculum will be read and enjoyed.
     The students will study the landforms, natural wonders and regions of New York State.  They will study the locations of the continents and learn to read maps through the use of map features and a map grid.
     Some of the topics that will be studied in Science are the states of matter, electricity, magnets and simple machines. The students will be completing Science labs connected to the topics being studied.  In addition, the students learn ways we can take care of our environment and use alternate forms of energy.
     The students complete fun, creative projects throughout the year.  The first project they will be doing are stuffed paper bag pumpkins.  There is always something fun and interesting happening in fourth grade!
     Again, welcome to fourth grade!