What's happening in First Grade !
May 10, 2019

We had another good week in the first grade!
We completed Chapter 6 in our math and took an assessment on Place Value. We will now move forward to comparing numbers. This is one of the easier concepts for the children to grasp. In Science, we will our study on air, which is another lesson in our Earth unit.
On Monday we will begin Level 6 in our Journeys book, which is the last book in this series. The children are doing a great job reading and understanding what they are reading. We are now able to discuss a story in detail.
This week, Mrs. Ryan came to school and we made this delicious cookie with goldfish, bubbles, and little fish swimming in water.
(blue icing) It was a fun project and the children enjoyed making it and eating it as well.
Thank you for allowing your child to participate in our Spring Concert. They had a great time and it was a great show.

Wednesday is dress down day! ($1.00 donation)

Have a great weekend and have a wonderful
Mothers Day!

AY 17, 2019
We had a very productive week! We worked hard in reading, math, science, social studies and religion. We are focusing on comprehension, main idea, punctuation, and writing a complete sentence in ELA. This past week's spelling words were a bit difficult but next week, should be easy if the children know the base word. Please review these words every night. Math should also be less difficult than in the past. We continue to compare numbers: less than, greater than and equal to. We are culminating Lesson 3
(Water), and will begin Lesson 4 (Air).
In Social Studies we will focusing on Locating our Country and begin to learn the location of our 50 states. Aside from reading a bible story each day we will focus on this coming week's gospel story and work in our Promise booklets.
We continue to chant, read stories, exercise, do crafts and enjoy a bit of center time each  week. The year is quickly coming to a close and the first grade has been learning in leaps and bounds.
Enjoy your weekend.
May 24, 2019
We had a very busy week and reached most of our first grade goals. On Tuesday we will have our final assessment in math which will be on Place Value. We will continue with Lesson 27 in our Journeys book, since next week we are only in school Tuesday and 1/2 day on Wednesday. Remember, school will be closed on Thursday and Friday!
In case the children didn't tell you, we made edible caterpillars this week. (strawberries, grapes and candy eyes. They eagerly ate them up and enjoyed this snack. Check our photo gallery for pictures. We also had Peer Tutoring with the 8th grade which the children also enjoyed. Tuesday, we will have our school liturgy and Grade 2 will crown the Blessed Mother. We are all very excited to attend this Mass.
As we complete our soft covered books, they will be sent home. Hard cover books remain in school since they are the property of SSCM. Field Day is June 7th. (More to come on what to expect on that day) Our end of the year class party will be on June 14th in our classroom. After making ice cream sundaes, and a project, we will go out to play. This year the gazebo is off limits since it is under construction.  No matter what, our class enjoys play no matter where it takes place.
Remember..no school Monday and NO Homework next week. There will be a reminder in the homework folder.
Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. See you on Tuesday!

May 29, 2019
Enjoy your long weekend.
No Homework
Dress Down on Tuesday
$1.00 Donation
Next week is a Full Week!