What's happening in First Grade !
April 5, 2019
Welcome April! This will be a short and very busy month. Hopefully, we will reach all of our goals as we did this past week.
Today was a very special day. The Honor Society from St. John the Baptist presented a program to each of the grades called, "Junior Achievement". Two seniors were selected to present "Our Families  Neighborhood". If you look in your child's homework folder you will see the Junior Journal and the hands on lessons taught to our class. The children were totally engaged and the HS girls had a thorough understanding of the topic. Our class enjoyed this program and can't wait for them to return.
Yesterday, their math assessments were returned. It was a very difficult test and although I read it to them, many could not follow along and didn't do as well as expected. We will review this material again!
We are now working with tens and ones and so far it seems to be an easier topic to grasp.
Next week, we will continue to work with the same concept.
Next week, we begin a new story in our Journeys book and will focus on the sound of oo. In Science, we will culminate our study of Spring and Summer and will have an assessment on Lesson 6.
We continue each day to read a story from the bible, chant, read stories, craft, exercise and have some fun.  
Grade 1 is a difficult grade with so much to do and to learn, but as you can see, their progress is incredible. Thank you for all of your help.
Enjoy the weekend.
PS Autism Fund Raiser begins on Monday!

April 12
We had a great week this week! The children did a super job on their ELA assessment and I am so proud of them! Next week we will have  review lessons of all that we have learned so far. Remember, the last day of school is Wednesday. Thursday begins our Easter Recess.
Monday is a dress down day--$1.00 donation.
Saturday is the Auction. I hope to see many familiar faces there. (6-10 pm.) Tickets can be purchased at the door.
We had fun making smores this week using peeps and chocolate. Yummy! Yummy!
Next week we will decorate and color eggs.
We will continue with tens in Math, and continue our study of Lent and Easter. We will also get ready to begin a new unit in Science.."Caring for Earth".
We will also continue with our timed math, which the children seem to enjoy.
Enjoy your weekend.
PS I will post more pictures of our class in our photo gallery.

APRIL 17, 2019
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!
School reopens on April 29th. We will begin a new unit in science and ELA. We will complete our math study on tens, as well as our study of Earth Day, Lent and Easter. We will continue with our timed math, bible stories, exercises, chants and read aloud stories. Although we have made bird houses, bird nests, and a bird booklet, we have many more spring projects to do. We are on a roll to continue our academics and to have some fun!
Enjoy your vacation!