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 2015 Bingo Schedule
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Daily Announcements

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 3:00PM - 6:00PM - Nursery through Grade 2 Open House at Saints Cyril and Methodius School. This event is free and enrollment is filling fast, so bring the family and come see what SSCM has to offer. Click here to read for more information about SSCM.

SSCM Celebrates First Holy Communion.

After months of preparation, our students along with the Religious Education students were being welcomed to the Lord's table.  Click here to read all about this joyous day.

Our students played to a packed house for their Spring Concert last week, displaying their talents and spreading their School Spirit…the Holy Spirit!  Click here to read all about it and see some great pictures of our student musicians in action!

Our eighth graders bared their souls during insightful and interesting “Me in a Bag” presentations. Each student was tasked with bringing in a bag filled with the personal effects that sum up their lives, their faith, their families, hobbies, travels, sports, interests, pets and more. Click here to read more and see pictures of our "8th graders in a bag!"

SSCM students honored Earth Day and planted a tree in commemoration of Earth Day 2015 Click here to read all about it!

Questions of the Week

1. When is Memorial Day celebrated?

2. Originally, who was honored on Memorial Day?

3. What year was Memorial Day declared a federal holiday?

Answers to last week's questions:

1. The 2nd Sunday in May

2. Elyse Keaton

3. Wendi McLendon

Upcoming Events

Sunday, May 24
Monday, May 25
School Closed
Memorial Day
Tuesday, May 26
8th grade at Mass
Band Lessons
Wednesday, May 27
5th grade at Mass
Mrs. Congro
Violin Lessons

Prayer for the Month


Remember, most loving Virgin Mary,
never was it heard that anyone
who turned to you for help
was left unaided.
Inspired by this confidence, 
though burdened by my sins, 
I run to your protection, 
for you are my Mother.
Mother of the Word of God,
do not despise my words of pleading,
but be merciful and hear my prayer.


Save the Date

May 20th, Open House for Nursery through 2d grade, 3pm-6pm - click here for more information

Jun. 4th, Msgr. Thaddeus Rooney Memorial Golf Outing - click here for more information