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Daily Announcements

The Family Festival is the 1st opportunity to volunteer for the 2014-2015 school year.  Click here to sign-up for the Family Festival.  The link to the sign-up sheet is also located under the Family Service Opportunities section of the website.

The SSCM Student Council arranged for a visit from Officer Steven McDonald for their 5th-8th grade classmates.  Mrs. Penny Matzelle has written a beautiful article about Officer McDonald's visit entitled, "A Lenten Message of Faith and Forgiveness from Quadriplegic NYPD Detective Steven McDonald."  Please take a moment to read about Officers McDonald's message to our students - click here to access the article.

Blind author Beth Finke visited SSCM and gave a fabulous presentation to our SSCM students.  Mrs. Matzelle has written a wonderful article about the visit which appeared in the South Bay and the Deer Park-North Babylon Patch.  Read the article here too!
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May: Prayer  

Hail Mary

Questions of the Week

1. Where do mosquitoes usually lay their eggs?

2.  How many eggs does the female mosquito lay at one time?

3.  How long do male mosquitoes live?

Answers to last week's questions:

1. Female

2. 3,500 species

3. Egg, larva, pupa & adult or imago

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Monday, September 1
Tuesday, September 2
Grades Pre-k through 8th
Wednesday, September 3
School Open - Full Day
Thursday, September 4
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Save the Date

Family Festival of Fun, August 13-17
Join us for a fun-filled time to share with family and friends.