What a great Auction!
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Daily Announcements

April is Autism Awareness Month

On Friday, April 24th Student Council would like you to wear a BLUE shirt and your gym pants in support of Autism Awareness Month.

Facts About Autism
•Autism affects 1 in 68 children.
•Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the United States.
•About 40% of children with Autism do not speak.
•Autism affects the normal development of the brain in the area of social interaction, communication skills and cognitive function.
•Autistic individuals have difficulty with social interactions and leisure/play activities.
•There is no cure for Autism at this time.

If you would like to learn more about Autism or to make a donation to support children with Autism, please visit the following website: www.tacanow.org.

What a great time was had by all who attended the Annual SSCM Auction!  There was great food, good friends and amazing items up for auction and raffle!  Thank you to all who attended our gala event!  Special thanks to all of our parents and volunteers that made the evening such a success!

Thank you to all of our students that participated in our SSCM Gymnastics Assembly!  What a great show!  And thank you to Mrs. Maynes for all of her hard work preparing the students for their performances!

Questions of the Week

1.What day in April is recognized by 192 countries and promotes global awareness?

2. What city was hit by a devastating earthquake April 18, 1906?

3. What should you do on National Arbor Day?

Answers to last week's questions:

1. Diamond

2. The Titanic

3. McDonald's

Upcoming Events

Monday, April 27
1st grade at Mass
Mrs. McGerald
SSCM Girls Volleyball at Holy Angels
3:45 AM
Tuesday, April 28
7th grade at Mass
Band Lessons
Wednesday, April 29
8th grade at Mass
Violin Lessons

Prayer for the Month

God, our Creator

You have given us the earth,
the sky and the seas.
Show us the way to care for the earth,
not just for today but for ages to come.
Let no plan or work of ours damage
or destroy the beauty of your creation.
Send forth your spirit to direct us,
to care for the earth and all creation.


Save the Date

Jun. 4th, Msgr. Thaddeus Rooney Memorial Golf Outing - click here for more information